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The Tradition!

"Music to Bring Joy to the Heart & Celebrate the Season"

The Celtic Christmas Concert has become a tradition in Alexander County. Now one of the largest and most popular events in our area, the concert is sure to delight you and your family. Presented by Studio3 Music School, the Celtic Concert is a gift to our community. Many people come every year.


Join the Celtic Concert Community!


Many area businesses support the Celtic Concert. Become a part of this wonderful gift to our community. Your donation funds the Concert and and helps Studio3 Music School, a 501c3 corporation, so your gift qualifies as a tax deduction.

To learn about sponsorship benefits to your company (comp tickets, program acknowledgement, etc.) and to receive an informational packet in the mail,

contact: Linda Hagen, Studio3 Executive Director. or 828-352-3526

We look Foward to Seeing you December 11th & 12th

At The 2020 Celtic Christmas Concert!


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Celtic Christmas Concert Photos

are from previous concerts