We at  Studio3  are very excited about our students! We want to help you learn that music is already in you, and we want to hear it come out in your own unique sound!

Studio3  offers one-hour group lessons, once a week in the following categories:

  • Studio3-9764violin
  • viola
  • piano (keyboard)
  • flute
  • guitar
  • children’s chorus

There are two age levels of lessons. Grades 1-3, and 4-6. However, if a student is older and seriously wants to get music instruction, he/she should register online regardless of age. If you want to be in multiple classes, fill out a  separate registration form for each one.

Choral students are required to maintain a choral binder for vocal exercises, sight reading/music reading hand outs and repertoire. Students need to practice vocal exercises and repertoire between weekly choral rehearsals with recordings. Please be prepared to record vocal exercises during class. Address questions to Melody Beaty.

At least 30 minutes a day of practice, five days a week is required of all instrumentalists, and students are expected to attend all extra ensemble practices and performances in a punctual manner.

Lessons begin Monday, September 11th. Your teacher will contact you with your schedule.